Our company operates in two divisions:

ProtoSew is a One Stop, Turn Key, Prototype and Sample manufacturer serving the needs of both established designers and first time inventors.

SeaSons Manufacturing is a flexible manufacturer, building high quality products in low to high volume without requiring minimum quantities. SeaSons is the ideal source for inventors whose products are market-ready but who aren't yet ready to build thousands overseas, or who can't afford to wait three months to receive their products, and for those who want to keep their products "Made in the USA".

We have many reliable outside contacts that have been screened and monitored by our clients to assure honest and ethical practices.  We specialize, as our name implies in sewn products.  We have the expertise in-house to simply look at an item and visualize the proper materials, sizes, patterns, cut lengths, color and manufacturing process that will result in the finest quality finished product, built in the most economical way.  We provide our clients with quality contacts for materials and contract manufacturers.  We provide specification sheets on each product showing material descriptions, sizes, yields, roll sizes, where to buy it and how much it costs.  We also provide estimates of actual production time and projected costs based on current labor rates.  We provide reputable contacts for web hosting, patent attorney consultation, packaging and fulfillment houses, business assistance and much more.  We have saved clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs and countless hours of misdirected efforts.

Contact us by phone or email. We will send an inquiry package with lots of useful information for you, and a few forms to help us understand your product. The forms, accompanied by a simple sketch, drawing, print, or working sample, will get us started on a project proposal. 

Our motto is "If you're going to do it ... please do it right".  Let us critique your product before spending a lot of dollars to get where you should be in the beginning.  Give it the chance it deserves, to see if it includes the most attractive features, the best fabric, the most cost effective sewing protocol, right down to the thread type and material make up.

You will have no worries about confidentiality with ProtoSew.  We will gladly provide  a non-disclosure agreement.  Security is strictly enforced and confidentially is a way of life at ProtoSew.  We will always be up front and honest with you even if you don't want to hear what we have to say.

We must charge for materials we use in producing your samples, but we welcome your materials for the prototype.

If you have any questions regarding ProtoSew or would simply like to discuss your product, please feel free at any time to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in ProtoSew.

ProtoSew and SeaSons Manufacturing
2929 N. Power Rd. Suite #101
Mesa,  AZ   85215
Phone: (480) 981 0040