It is difficult at best to bring a new product into the marketplace.  We don't have to tell you all of the details you need to know, learn and follow through on, to get your product designed, perfected, manufactured, packaged then marketed.  We at ProtoSew assist inventors with their sewn products in all of these areas and many more areas that will allow you the best opportunities for success.


You may think that the design you have in your mind or on paper or even a working sample is the best possible design for your product.  Let ProtoSew help you on that.  We frequently find that although the unit works and looks nice, the construction is contrary to standard manufacturing protocol and is extremely difficult and sometimes actually impossible to produce.  When something is difficult to produce, it of course eats up your labor to produce it, and may be the difference between a very profitable product and a complete loser.  Keep in mind it is not to the benefit of a manufacturer to tell you that your product has an unusually high labor content.  There are several points you need to consider when accepting the final production design of your product.  We may find that the material selection is wrong simply due to the product's final use in the environment.  Using cotton thread on a product on boats?  Won't work! You need nylon thread.  Some materials sew better and faster than others in many applications.  We want to critique your design and give your product the best chance in the market.


Although a design may never be totally perfected with respect to production standards and proper material selection, you can come close enough to make it profitable, unique, nice looking and manufactured with quality.  You may need to see for yourself several different versions before you settle on the final sample.  We will work closely with you on this.  We have developers that have the talent to look at an item and almost immediately visualize the proper materials and construction.  When you receive a prototype sample from ProtoSew, people will not say "Where did you have that made"  they will say "Where did you buy that!".  Believe us, that is what you want to hear.


When you are ready for manufacturing (and believe us when we say you better be ready) we will still be working with you when questions arise.  We will tell you up front what you can expect from a manufacturer that has a labor base of $20.00/hr vs. one that has one of $40.00/hr.  When you can cut your labor costs in half you can enjoy a bigger margin.  This statement can be very far from the truth.  Is the stitching straight?  Label on right?  It is very common to receive up to 30% rejects when you go with the less expensive manufacturer.  What if you miss some in your inspection process and they get out? It is not so much the expense of triple or more shipping charges as it is bad press and word does get around.  Don't fall into this trap, let ProtoSew guide you through the manufacturing process and show you just how important it is to understand, that just because the first run looks good, it doesn't mean to stop inspecting every lot you receive.  Let ProtoSew make sure that your manufacturer knows the correct steps (process control) in constructing your product.  It's important you know.


How is your product going to be displayed?  What is the best packaging for your product that will give it the best exposure?  Will it be in a specialized store, a drug store, a sporting goods store, retail, wholesale, mail-order, internet?  How to package your product will depend on who, what and where you are targeting.  Blister type pack, a Poly bag with a nice insert or header card?  Does it show clearly the wonderful selling asset "Made in the USA" with the bright red, white, and blue flag?  It should.  It should be on your product in the form of a label as well.  If someone is looking at ten of the same type of items on a display board and they see "Made in the USA" they are going to pick it up and compare it to the others and that's exactly what you want because when they do, they will see yours is better, looks better, better constructed with nicer materials and realize even though this one is twice the price it appears it will last ten times longer than the competition.  A two cent flag it could be the difference in landing that big order.  Packaging it is important and like all aspects of getting your product started, ProtoSew can assist you in this critical development process.


How important is marketing?  What media are available to you?  Do you go directly on TV on one of those Home Shopping Shows?  Radio?  Trade Magazine?  Trade Shows?  Maybe cold calls, telemarketing, door to door?  The answer may be yes to all of these approaches.  It depends again on what is your target market?  Who is going to want it?  ProtoSew will guide you towards the media selections that will best suit your target market.  Don't spend unnecessary capital barking up the wrong tree.

WHY ProtoSew?

ProtoSew can be a great asset to your product and give you and your product the best possible chance to succeed in the marketplace.  We can possibly save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time during this process.  We will be there even after we've fulfilled your prototype needs. Our consultants can provide timely answers to your many questions, provide you with contacts, assist you with changes and provide you with the guidance and direction you need to take.  If you are going to do it ... please do it right.

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